Christian Silence Monitor


It occurs to me that perhaps the biggest social crime one can commit in this culture is SILENCE. I don’t understand why Christians remain silent as their religion is being hijacked by the most un-Christian intolerant lunatic fringe. You guys are right there if there is an abortion somewhere. You guys are right there when there are restrictions on prayers or bibles in Public funded schools. You guys are right there to revoke the civil rights of Gays. You guys are right there when you think you are being attacked. But when the Robertsons, Falwells, Osteens, Hagees, Phelps’, Dobsons et al start to talk race war, murdering politicians and abortion doctors, Gay bashing, Killing Obama ad nauseam YOU turn the silent other cheek.
Now as 2012 elections begin to loom heavily we will begin to debate a litany of vital life changing issues. Your leaders both religious and political (and your Media Darlings like O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Buh Bye Beck) will continue to outright LIE about the facts and whip less informed Christians into a blind hate filled frenzy. Isn’t lying a sin too? Isn’t repeating the lie a sin? Ask yourselves what would CHRIST say about all this? And what do you do about it? You stay silent when you know full well what the truth is. This is truly contemptible. It is YOUR silence that makes me doubt Christianity.

Will you continue to allow these lunatics to speak for you AND your religion? Will you continue to allow them to conflate Republicanism with Christianity? Shouldn’t being a Christian be a way of life and not just a belief? If you truly are Christian I beg you to start acting like it! WWJD is not just a slogan or a bumper sticker. Start living your life as Christ would have you live it…with compassion, charity, peace, tolerance, and understanding. PLEASE!


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