What The Republican Party Has Become

Anger, sexism, ignorance, threats of violence – all hallmarks of what the modern the modern Republican Party has become.

The Grand Old Party – the GOP – was once known as “the party of Lincoln”, the party that freed the slaves, as some Republicans like to note.

However, the kind of people that were in the Republican Party when things like that happened have long since left that political label behind. What’s left, are people who meet the kinds of criteria listed in a recent episode of The Newsroom:

Think that calling the extremists in the GOP “The American Taliban” is a bit too far? You’re living in fantasyland then.

Of course, as Bill Maher recently noted, there’s no coincidence that the party of fundamentalism is also the party of fantasy.

Of course, most of the Republican Party members in Tampa, or really anywhere around the country, aren’t likely to admit the people at ComicConhave a better grasp on reality than Republicans do.They can’t even admit what George Carlin used to say– that most of the people who are against abortion, are people you wouldn’t want to screw in the first place.

Remember the key: If you’re pre-born you’re fine. If you’re pre-school? You’re screwed.

Education was once a hallmark issue for the GOP. But as Bill Nye The Science Guy points out, that’s no longer the case anymore. Thanks to the Republican Party, even some of the most basic ideas of science have been thrown overboard.

If you’re still registered as a Republican, and these descriptions make you angry? You have two choices:

  • Change who you’re associated with.
  • Change your political party.
  • This entire post was stolen directly from http://www.randirhodes.com

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