Coming To ANOTHER Radio Near You


 In 1958 Polish playwright Sławomir Mrożek wrote a wonder play entitled THE POLICE. It asked the theatrical question, “What happens when there is no opposition left to arrest”? What happens when a society no has a loyal opposition? When there is no longer ANY dissent? An interesting concept in the light of recent news about the nefarious activites of evil right wing corporate radio monster Clear Channel Communications. Progressive and or any oppositional radio on the left side of the aisle and just been effectively destroyed in America. Soon there will be only ONE point of view that you will be allowed to hear. There IS no Liberal Media.Image

Well it appears to be a done deal. Radio giant Clear Channel Communications which is now owned by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital LLC has killed Progressive Radio in two of the largest progressive markets in the United States..Los Angeles and San Francisco. On one level this is no surprise to most. There are four talk radio stations in LA of any real substance and as of January 1st ALL of them will be Right Wing propaganda machines with little or no respect for either freedom of speech or objective truth.  Clear Channel will tell you that this is a purely business decision to flood the airwaves with even more hours of disinformation , offensiveness, and mendacity of the Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck variety.  The truth is that is a purely and wholly political gesture.  It is an overt attempt to control the public opinion going into two more significant election cycles. CCC thinks that by purging the airwaves of critical thinking and actual conversation about actual facts, that it will be able to affect the outcome of the upcoming elections.

CCC has had a long storied history of buying stations with thriving progressive or mixed programming and converting them to Right Wing disinformation pulpits. They almost always do this after promising listeners that they will continue to support its progressive listeners and leave its lineup of talkers untouched. Then out of nowhere the changes begin. This almost always happens just before an election cycle where the GOP stand to lose or gain the most.  In the lead up to the 2006 and 2008 elections CCC perfected the purging of the radio waves by reprogramming stations in Madison WI, San Diego, CA, and “questionable liberal pockets” across the country. Now stations in Portland OR, Seattle, WA

The decisions of CCC are a direct violation of the United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. anti-trust law however with the do nothing GOP Congress no challenge or enforcement attempt will ever see the light of day

When the right wing can’t compete on its own merits it takes on a mob mentality. When reality and truth cannot serve their agenda they create a world where there is the only truth for sale.  There will be more on this story as more facts emerge.

For now however I strongly encourage you to visit

Brad Friedman  who’s incisive reporting peels back the layers of CCC’s “Business Decision” and Mitt Romney’s Revenge at

Other important articles on this can be found at:



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