The King of the Deplorables Has Won

The press is wringing their hands. Coyly wondering what happened.
This despicable excuse for a human being will be President
and there is Plenty of blame to go around starting with the press.

Lets start with the billions in free air time they gave to this con man from the primaries on.
Lets start with their refusing to actually BE journalists.
Lets start with their months of unquestioning head nodding.

Blame is shared by all of those heartsick Bernie supporters make their protest vote statement. Thanks for that. You made your protest statement. Happy now?

It took 8 years to recover from Bush’s destruction of our international image and economy.

Now this country has been handed over to a party who knows how to get elected but has no clue how to govern. This party created ALL of the problems that Obama took eight years to clean up including send our jobs overseas.

He WILL fail and he Will place blame. He will attack.

He now has his finger on the button. Think about that for a moment.

He is a thin skinned temperamental narcissist who has promised revenge on all who have displeased him. All of our lives now hang in the balance .

First order of business is to take healthcare away from millions…many of whom will die with out it.

Next is loading the Supreme Court with right wing theocratic uber conservatives.

Next to go is Women’s right to choose anything that affects her own body.

Next is the removal of environmental protections that will serve corporations while expediting the destruction of the planet.

Next is the further destruction of the Arts and Education.

Next is institutional tolerance for all manner of Intolerance.

Next will come institutional hatred.

Next, as with all Fascists, with be the iron handed melding of Corporate interests with Government.

Next is the relaxation of all gun laws making it possible for every loon in the nation to kill more Americans.

These are all things he promised to do.

This cretin who is supported by a rainbow coalition of racists including the Klan and other white separatist factions, will then round up and label Muslims….and other non white Americans making us an even more appetizing target. Just remember that everything Hitler did was ALL legal.

When the smug arrogant self serving victory dance is over we will return to the Bush era citizen surveillance days. Under the guise of “National Security” phones will be tapped

We all bear responsibility for this monster. ALL of us!! Not just the mindless Minions of mouth breathing lemmings for whom critical thinking is equivalent to a root canal, who voted for him . All of us.

Now the ONLY way to minimize the damage about to befall this country is for you make the business of this nation your day to day active concern. Writing, calling, blogging, calling bullshit. Make these miscreants keep their grandiose promises that they had no intention of keeping.

He was to go on trial soon for various fraud, tax evasion, and sex harassment cases very soon. Don’t allow him to claim immunity… impeach him. How can he govern with so many law suits against him in process?

The problem is not only Trump.

The problem is his mouth breathing minions. Lemmings incapable of thinking critically. They are unquestionably in lock step with Trump’s opportunistic and ever changing and dubious ideology.

When the Reagan years brought years of severe education cuts, they eliminated arts programs in schools. Critical thinking courses like Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and ETHICS have all disappeared. This contemporary book burning was designed to create a complacent , thought-less and unquestioning electorate ready and willing to be told how to think and what to believe.

THIS is the mob that will elect Fascist Trump. They believe every lie. They embrace and consume every racist and misogynist utterance he spews with the primal hunger of a newborn animal.

They are literally un-equipped to recognize any objective truth.

We were warned about what Reagan and his regime would do if he were elected. No one listened and voted for him anyway.

Elections have consequences.

Now, months after a plethora of confirmed allegations further proving this man’s unfitness for leadership, his loyal followers repeatedly deny the importance of the truth about this man. In the face of mountainous overwhelming evidence of this man’s various crimes, lies, and disingenuousness, his fans refuse to consider that their idol is a horrible human being. I fervently believe that the blame for this rests squarely on the the shoulder of Ronald Reagan and his insidious regime for its systematic and deliberate dumbing down of the United States..

I fear for my country. I fear for the planet. I now understand what the Germans were feeling when they realized that it was too late to do anything in the 1930s.

DO something. Don’t just bitch about it here or tell everyone what you are doing. DO something.

I need to take a break from this rant but I will be back soon.

I have lost so much this year. Love. Career. Friends. A Home. Money.

Now I must deal with the loss of my country.

I must weep.


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