King of the Fodderland

In less than 3 days there have been 100s assaults, shootings, personal attacks, church burnings, KKK marches, and Nazi shows of force and hundreds of swastikas and crosses burned and painted. All of this is presumably in support of Trump who has gone conspicuously silent on the matter, Welcome to Trumpland. He has blood on his hands. He started the fire. He is the only one who can stop it by opening his big Twittered bloviating Yapper. He MUST tell his supporters to stop.

The comparisons to pre-war Germany become more and more obvious as every smoldering day passes by. Hitler pretended that there was no violence going in his country. he was heard saying that if there was it was the JEW who was inciting it.

A disinformation campaign is in full swing to create the illusion that all the blood, make and pain is at the feet of the “pathetic political minority who cannot accept that the better MAN won”. Trump himself has repeated joked about a 2nd amendment solution (a wink and nod to gun violence).

We have seen this all before. People on the l Left need to stop wringing their hands postulating the cause of the unfortunate election results. People on the left need to make the rest of the country aware what the real danger here is. It is present and immediate. Trumpeteers are attempting to start an armed race and culture war know that their leader has turned a blind eye. The world is watching. Stunned at what the USA has become in such a short time. They fear. They worry. They cry.

The pressure on TRUMP to do something now must be relentless. Never ever listen to him. He lies. Lies are how he stole the WHITE HOUSE. Pay attention to what he DOES. Put all Republicans in power positions on notice that their hands are also bloody. They will be replaced.


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