Since the days of Ronald Reagan there has been slow steady rise in creeping creepism in American politics. The major victim of the right wing’s political avarice has always been the truth. Slowly but surely hundreds perhaps even thousands of objective media outlets have been swallowed up by mega media conglomerates. Today there are only SIX major media companies.  

Mendacity now rules the airwaves. Orwellian double speak has redefined the political lexicon and re-framed the political landscape. Propaganda the likes of which the world has not seen since Goebbels convinced an entire country to vote against its own self interests now floods the American consciousness. Now in the last two Republican administrations right wing liars go un-challenged. This new “Journalism” now routinely mis-represents, mis-informs, intentionally deceives, lies by omission, and obfuscates the truth. They call it news. When confronted, they say that “this is what the people want”. The line between the truth and politically expedient dis-information is deliberately blurred.

My goal here is to as often as possible to delineate the real truth from their re-framed right wing “reality”.

If you are pleased or offended by anything on this blog or if you feel provoked into responding…please do. Among my goals here is the provocation of interaction. Between those with differing opinions. Please comment. Please comment on other’s comments. Don ‘t stop talking.



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